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"Mark Spoelstra not only deserves to be remembered, but he should be heard by a whole new generation of listeners." -- Richard Ludmerer, Director, The New York Blues & Jazz Society
You can read the whole review here.

" a writer of intensity and brilliance." -San Francisco Folk "The artist of major interest out here....(Berkeley) -- Trumbull -- Sing Out Magazine

"Unquestionably the warmest and most enthusiastic response at the SESC Festival went to Mark Spoelstra ... insight and sensitivity unmatched by his contemporaries." -Boston Broadside #61

" of the best ... in contemporary song writing." --Robert Shelton. N.Y. Times

"...wrung us dry..." Faith Petric, S.F. Folk Festival "... virtually unmatched by the current singers and writers of topical songs." - L.A. Valley Star

"... one of the most impressive ... I've heard in a long time." - L.A. Free Press - (Paul Jay Robbins)

"Singing Bus driver delights the children". Palo Alto Times Tribune - Leslie Conley



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